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Our Farm

Grass Finished Beef


'Grass Finished' doesn't do our Kale, Pea and Turnip lovin' cattle justice! 

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We have a large market garden with a focus on Root Vegetables.

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Why Choose organic?


It is no coincidence that our food tastes great!

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Free Range Pork


 Our Berkshire pigs have a friendly and curious nature, which is a perfect fit for our family farm. 

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Free Range Chicken/Eggs


 Naturally raised chickens with added sunshine, fresh air and love. 

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Thousands of Miles Fresher

 Sand Springs Ranch is a family farm near Lac La Biche. We have a large  certified organic market garden , a certified organic beef program,  small scale free range pork and chickens. We take pride in our diverse  farm, where each component compliments another. Our farming practices  are a unique blend of organic, biodynamic and holistic methods. 


Our Vision

Our goal is to create food awareness in our small northern Alberta  community.  We want people to start asking questions like 'Where does my  food come from?', 'How nutritious is my food?' and 'What does my food  eat?'.

Where you buy your food counts!  When you use your 'voting dollars'  to support sustainable, Canadian agriculture you are casting a ballot to  support generations yet to come.


Contact Us

Better yet, see us in person!

We love our customers! Come chat with us at the Lac La Biche Farmers' Market every Friday from 3-5:30 at the Agricom.

Sand Springs Ranch

PO Box 115 Lac La Biche, AB T0A 2C0 ca

(780) 623-7664 (780) 404-4856 online sales

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