Farming isn't just an occupation, it is a way of life.

Yes, there are struggles, long days and huge risks out of your control which can make for some tough times.  It is the connection that you feel with the land that constantly pushes you to grow, and cultivates the love for farming.  It is important to remember that we are merely borrowing this land from our great-great grandchildren.

Simply put, we love to farm.

Meet Your Farmer


Ty & Janice Shelton

 Ty and Janice have been farming together for over 35 years. They are  continually trying new and innovative crops and farming methods.   Growing nutritious food is their main focus. They enjoy farm visits from  people who want to learn more about food, and food production. 


Tyler Shelton

 Tyler is a busy guy!  He works off farm as a red seal Electrician and  Instrumentation tech.  On days off, he dedicates his time to the pigs,  cattle and general farm work. 


Jolene Shelton-Yackimec

Jolene's likes to refer to herself as a 'soil farmer', and thoroughly  enjoys learning as much as she can about growing food.  Her focus is the  market garden and servicing the Lac La Biche community with our produce  and protein products. 


Drew & Travis Yackimec

Between causing mischief, these boys have proven to be valuable assets on our family farm. Drew's favorite vegetable crop to grow is carrots, and Travis loves to grow onions.