Work with us!

 We are looking for both full time and part time committed individuals to  join our busy garden. Duties include weeding, picking, harvesting and  packaging. Hours are negotiable. 


 Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering on an organic farm. We have many projects that require many hands! 


 We love being a part of our community, and try to engage in workshops or  events as much as we can.  Join our mailing list to stay in the loop,  or contact us to be a part of your event. 


Supporting the community we live in

There is no better way of advocating agriculture other than being involved with your community.  

Contact us if you have a project that needs our support!

Current Projects

  • Classroom Agriculture Project, grade 4
  • Seed saving/planting, grade 1
  • Apple School Supporter
  • Gardening/Seed Saving Workshops
  • Bauta Family Initiative Seed Trials