Gold Nugget squash trial

With over 30 different vegetables growing throughout the season, our farm is a very busy place! We follow the moon cycle for planting days, and always practice crop rotation/companion planting to improve plant vitality.

Here are some of our 'unwritten' rules:
*We would never sell what we wouldn't eat ourselves.
*Quality is everything, our reputation depends on it.  Our varieties are chosen based on nutrition and taste (which apparently mean the same thing), not yield.
*Fresh matters.  Our team strives to pick as close to sales day as we can.
*Vegetables will be picked, washed and chilled as quickly as possible.  Quicker chilling prolongs your fridge life.


Kitchen Tip

Tasty doesn’t necessarily involve hours in the kitchen with a long list of ingredients.  The missing secret ingredient for any recipe is using QUALITY food with naturally occurring FLAVOR.  Good quality, wholesome foods have superior flavor that shines through, transforming the simplest recipes into the tastiest.