Beginnings of all life are with soil and water, and it is around this that all civilization prospers.

Our Vision

Our goal is to create food awareness in our small northern Alberta community.  We want people to start asking questions like 'Where does my food come from?', 'How nutritious is my food?' and 'What does my food eat?'.

Where you buy your food counts!  When you use your 'voting dollars' to support sustainable, Canadian agriculture you are casting a ballot to support generations yet to come.

Our Story

We come from humble beginnings where a lack of funds did not allow us to farm the conventional way.  I guess you could say we were 'Organic' before organic was even thought about.  The life of our farm required innovative methods to stay alive, and we are proud to be here nearly 30 years in the making.

We also owe a lot of our success to other farms who were willing to share their knowledge, and coming to the awareness that everything begins with the life in the soil.  Healthy soil brings the word 'sustainability' to our farm, along with other desirable words like 'quality', 'disease resistance' and 'profit'.  We are always learning (and experimenting!), and will continue to build our soils every year through the many learning channels that are available to us.

Meet your Farmer

Farming isn't just an occupation, it is a way of life.  Yes, there are struggles, long days and huge risks out of your control which can make for some tough times.  It is the connection that you feel with the land that constantly pushes you to grow, and cultivates the love for farming.  It is important to remember that we are merely borrowing this land from our great-great grandchildren.


Ty & Janice Shelton


Ty and Janice have been farming together for over 30 years. They are continually trying new and innovative crops and farming methods. They love farming, and Ty was able to 'retire' from his off farm job a few years back to dedicate more time to the farm and his family. Growing nutritious food is their main focus. They enjoy farm visits from people who want to learn more about food, and food production.


Tyler Shelton


Tyler is a busy guy!  He works off farm as a red seal Electrician and Instrumentation tech.  On days off, he dedicates his time to the pigs, cattle and general farm work.


Jolene Shelton-Yackimec

Market Garden & Community Relations

Jolene's focus is the market garden, and managing the 'Farmshare' program (CSA weekly box).  Right now she is fish-floppin' between studies in Holistic Nutrition and Organic Gardening (there is just so much to learn!).